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The Vegan Guide to Eating Out in Norwich

By Emily Vause

Earlier this week I wrote the Vegetarian Guide to Eating Out in Norwich and got a terrific response!

You all seemed to get a lot from it but had one question – what about the vegans?

Although I listed a few vegan suggestions in the original article I wanted to give the vegan community a more comprehensive, entirely vegan, list of places to try.

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The Vegetarian Guide to Eating Out in Norwich

By Emily Vause

So, you’ve just started at UEA, living in a brand-new city maybe, or maybe you’re a returner who hasn’t explored the Norwich food scene as much as you want to. Restaurants can be a daunting place for those on a Vegetarian (or Vegan) diet.

What if there’s nothing on the menu you can eat?

What if you just don’t want to order a superfood salad for the billionth time?

Why does everything have mushrooms in it?

These questions probably occur to all people on a meatless diet at some point in their lives but, luckily, Norwich is a great place for those of us more restricted students and they won’t break the bank!

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Grosvenor Fish Bar Review

By Cassie Waters

In my last article I wrote about how my friends are cocktail snobs. I happen to be a chip snob. Sadly, there are very few benefits of being a chip snob, it’s not glamorous, you can’t precociously discuss it with people and it won’t bring you much kudos. But it does mean I can spot a good chip when I try one. I have eaten my way around the fish and chip shops of Norwich and I can safely say that Grosvenor’s does an excellent chip.

 Grosvenor’s has been around for a long time but it’s only more recently that it’s become the unique chip shop it is now. It describes itself as a “fish and chip grotto”, which puts me in mind of winter and elves. I would instead describe the low ceilings, the tunnelling walkways and corrugated iron walls of the underground seating area as being like a cave or secret bunker, a place to hide and stuff yourself with chips and batter until it’s safe to come out.  Upstairs where you are served the atmosphere is busy and cheerful and the staff make sure you’re never waiting too long, no matter how many customers there are crammed into that small space. If you fancy having a drink with your fish and chips you can take them across the road to The Birdcage and sit in there.

I am usually suspicious of fish and chip shops that look too nice as my dad always says that it means they don’t try as hard with the food, but this is absolutely not the case with Grosvenor’s, the food is equally as good as the decor. The queue spilling out onto the street is a permanent fixture! The chips aren’t soggy or overly greasy, nor are they too dry. Their fish is delicious – not a bone in sight! And the batter is perfectly crispy, I could eat it on its own (and I do, thanks to a friend who just prefers the fish!). They don’t just do traditional fish and chips, their menu extends to wraps such and “Bass with Sass”, a sea bass fillet wrap with lettuce and spicy mango salsa, a favourite amongst my friends and the cholesterol busting “B.B.L.T”, a treacle and beer cured crispy battered bacon in a roll.

So that’s how Grosvenor’s has worked its way into one of our favourite places to eat and up near the top of my expertly compiled best chips list. Go and treat yourself.

Image From Grosvenor Fish Bar’s Twitter Page