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Dodie Clark: Waterfront Gig Review

By Ellie Robson

Dorothy “Dodie” Clark, commonly known by her online username “doddleoddle,” took to the stage at Norwich venue ‘The Waterfront’ on October 29th for the penultimate show of her current tour. The tour celebrated the release of her highly anticipated second EP “You” on August 11th, which followed her 2016 debut EP, “Intertwined”. Prior to the release of her EPs, Dodie released her music on her YouTube channel, which recently hit 1,000,000 subscribers. She continues to post original content on the website, with professional recordings of 12 of these songs spread across her two EPs.

Unsurprisingly, due to her large online following, the tickets for the “You” tour sold out within minutes of their release this summer and this was reflected in the huge crowd gathered before the Waterfront doors had even opened. An astonishing sense of community built up among the waiting fans, with many people, including myself, meeting those they were attending the gig with for the first time that evening. Regardless even of the performance of the acts that evening, this managed to create a powerful and welcoming atmosphere before anyone even entered the venue, a wonderful thing for any artist to achieve.

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An Afternoon With an Astronaut: Helen Sharman at the Norwich Science Festival

By Luke Farnish and David Winlo

As the 2017 Norwich Science Festival continues in full swing, Norwich Cathedral plays host to one of the festival’s main events: a fascinating talk by Britain’s first astronaut, Helen Sharman.

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The Guide to a Norwich Night out

By Cassie Waters.

When starting to explore the city it can be hard to know where to begin. The LCR has a lot going for it but as Freshers Week draws to an end the time has come to start exploring all Norwich has to offer. So as a seasoned Norwich drinker I have decided to offer up some help. Remember those Goosebumps books you read as a child? The ones which allow you to decide the plot, depending on what page you choose to turn to? This guide is kind of like that. Imagine you’re on a night out, at each step you will be asked a question about what you want to do and the kind of night you would like to have? From chilling in a bar to clubbing, no matter what your budget I should have you covered! So off you go on your drunken journey, have a drink on me. Continue reading The Guide to a Norwich Night out

The Vegan Guide to Eating Out in Norwich

By Emily Vause

Earlier this week I wrote the Vegetarian Guide to Eating Out in Norwich and got a terrific response!

You all seemed to get a lot from it but had one question – what about the vegans?

Although I listed a few vegan suggestions in the original article I wanted to give the vegan community a more comprehensive, entirely vegan, list of places to try.

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The Vegetarian Guide to Eating Out in Norwich

By Emily Vause

So, you’ve just started at UEA, living in a brand-new city maybe, or maybe you’re a returner who hasn’t explored the Norwich food scene as much as you want to. Restaurants can be a daunting place for those on a Vegetarian (or Vegan) diet.

What if there’s nothing on the menu you can eat?

What if you just don’t want to order a superfood salad for the billionth time?

Why does everything have mushrooms in it?

These questions probably occur to all people on a meatless diet at some point in their lives but, luckily, Norwich is a great place for those of us more restricted students and they won’t break the bank!

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