The Music That Made Me

By Frances Butler

I think we often underestimate the power of music.

We all too rarely consider music as something that surrounds us, defines moments in our lives and is the life of so many. On that note, I decided to revisit a band I haven’t had a good listen to for about 2 years: Black Veil Brides. The name alone is enough to gain an exclamation of happiness, disgust or puzzled indifference – depending on whether you know who they are, and then, of course, whether you hate them or not. They are a band that have successfully managed to polarise the majority of alternative music fans; mostly due to their appearance, oddly enough, and not what actually matters – the music itself.

It’s only when I chose to come back to this band to see where they are now, that I realised, a good five years since I first listened to them, how much I appreciate the inspiration and strength their music not only gave me, but still continues to give to many others.

I remember being frequently made fun of for my music taste, especially when I mentioned this band. As insecure as I sometimes felt, I learned to care a lot less about what other people thought and trust myself a lot more.

They’ve made the journey all bands and artists strive for – from a small local following, not being taken seriously (for their image; dismissed as ‘posers’ and Motley Crüe or KISS rip-offs) and a debut album that was relatively unheard of, to having recognition by major labels (Universal), 4 albums and thousands of fans.

How did they do it?

By believing in themselves, having ambition, and quite frankly not caring one bit about any negative opinions of them.

I’ll remember them for being the particular band that, even though I don’t choose to listen to them anymore, are still capable of stirring up memories of gaining a sense of identity, self-belief, and proving your doubters wrong – and that is something everyone can relate to.

Coffee – Where Can You Get it? City Edition

By Lewis Martin

In the previous article I mentioned what UEA has to offer in terms of coffee on campus. In this follow up article I’ll explain what there is to offer in the city.


Norwich is a large sprawling city that is beautiful to just wander around. Located at different points across the city are numerous local, independent coffee shops that, in my opinion, offer some of the best coffee you’ll ever have. The three places that I will point out are Kofra, Strangers and the Jarrold Bookshop.



Located just outside the city centre by St John’s Cathedral you have the best place for coffee that you will ever find. Kofra is small but don’t let that out you off. The coffee is smooth and instantly drinkable. If you want sugar they will add it for you whilst its being made to make sure it’s well mixed. The people in there are always smiling and as a place it couldn’t be more welcoming. Priced from £1.80 – £2.30 for a hot coffee (more expensive for their iced coffee) it is reasonably priced and is totally worth the walk in or out of town just for it.



Located in the lanes that run behind the Jarrold Store and through Norwich’s city centre is Strangers Cafe. Available in three places, you have the café near Grovesnor Fish Bar and the Belgian Monk Pub which is small but very welcoming. Once inside you’ll see the range of coffee they sell as well as the open bar they have whilst you wait for your drink. Located 2 minutes away from this is the takeaway bar. Only open for a few days per week, this is where you can go to grab a coffee in a hurry or if you plan to go and sit in one of the many areas available in this fine city. The final place is Gonzo’s. A nightclub in the evenings, but they do have food and drink during the day and the coffee on offer is that from Strangers. With three different places across the city available for people to buy their coffee, Strangers is the most well-known of the city and worth a visit if you find yourself needing a caffeine hit.


Jarrolds Bookshop Cafe (Chapters)

Situated in the basement of Jarrolds department store is the Chapters coffee bar. Small and hidden away but beautifully decorated with book cover wallpaper to die for, the coffee bar is a brilliant place to hide yourself away from the hustle and bustle of the city whilst taking a break or looking to hide from the rain. Surrounded by the bookshop you may even find yourself a new read before you have your cuppa. It’s quiet, slightly under used but still a very nice place to go and situated under one of the most well-known places in the city so it is nice and easy to find. It is pricier than the other two aforementioned places so would maybe be the ideal date location for a fellow bookworm.


An Odd-Looking Rabbit Causes a Stir

by Natalie Froome

The UEA Rabbits are fairly innocuous once you get used to them, small, brown creatures with puffy white tails who sit and eat grass and mind their own business. However one rabbit has been causing quite a stir on campus the past few days and has found it’s furry face all over the university Yik Yak feed.

The science-inclined editors on the team have informed me that it’s unusual appearance is due to a mutation that causes it to develop extra melanin. It’s like a reverse-albino rabbit.

Unfortunately, this little chap doesn’t just have to worry about looking a bit different from the rest of the rabbits. He also looks like he has developed myxomatosis, a usually fatal infection that causes the mucus membranes around the eyes to swell and puss.

The black rabbit was around a lot yesterday, but hasn’t made an appearance on campus today. Although Myxi is a nasty disease, all of us at The Broad are hoping that he manages to make a recovery.

LGBT+ History Month Poetry at the Scholars Bar

by Natalie Froome

On the 8th February the Scholars bar upstairs in union house is hosting a LGBT+ poetry night to celebrate LGBT history month.

The postgraduate bar are now hosting poetry nights on a monthly basis, showcasing the best of poetic talent at UEA.

Confirmed readers so far are:

Charlotte Earney
Mollie Le Veque
Poppy Wadge
Bylthe Aimson
Julian Canlas
Lawrence Greenlee
Alison Graham
Simran Banwani
Elley Tourtoulon
Joseph Glucose
Markos Kazakos-Nolan
Jennifer Williams
Candice Newmbhard
Hollie Buttery

(image courtesy of UEA Pride)

Feel-Good Brain Food

By Natalie Froome

Feeling sluggish? Finding it hard to concentrate for long? It could be down to what you’re eating.

 It’s hard to get the balance right at uni, students tend to keep odd hours and aren’t known for being the best at cooking, but by getting these 5 foods in your diet you can eat well and improve your mental as well as your physical health.

 1. Wholegrains

Choosing wholegrain options such as granary bread, brown rice and brown pasta could help you to feel more alert during the day as they release their energy a lot slower than their white counterparts.

 2. Blueberries

Their health benefits are plenty, but they can be pretty expensive. Try a place that sells fruit and veg cheap, such as Aldi or Lidl.

 3. Tomatoes

Full of vitamin c, easy to prepare and eat either fresh or cooked.

 4. Broccoli

A great source of iron for energy and a green veg that will help to get some essential vitamins in your system, including vitamin K, which is known to help cognitive function.

 5. Get some Nuts

Nuts are a well known source of vitamin E, which is good for your skin as well as your brain.

Image from Unsplash by Rachael Walker

Wallet Friendly Food

By Alex Stapleton

It’s now second semester, and I’m sure that everyone has experienced the nightmare of trying to budget without their student loan or without planning.

Fortunately, you can still feed yourselves fairly well on a meagre budget, and the following tips should help you to keep on track of your funds and your hunger:

  1. Create a food planner – A food planner is essentially a menu, which lays out the meals and ingredients that you will be having for the week. You can create a shopping list from this too, so you don’t end up going to the supermarket unprepared and splashing out on as much food as you can carry. What’s more, making a list of what you plan to allows you to keep track of what you are eating (and how healthy you are being – let’s face it, many of us need as much help as we can get when it comes to having a balanced diet).
  1. Use the freezer! – Check to see what parts of your shopping you can freeze. Vegetables and meats usually have a short shelf life, so freezing them means that you can use them at a later date (just be sure to defrost the entire thing!) and you won’t need to throw out as much either when the sell-by date passes.
  1. Get a recipe book – Recipe books give you variety in your diet (pasta every day gets boring after a while) and it also gives you a chance to try out cooking new things, most of them on the cheap – you might even find something you like! I recommend the Nosh series of student cookbooks.
  1. Cook with your friends – Organise a night where you and your friends cook together! Sharing the bill and workload will make the night easier, more fun and cheaper for everyone.

Follow these tips and who knows – maybe you can still afford your bi-weekly Dominos!

Here’s some cheap meals that you can whip together pretty quickly!

– Chilli Con Carne

– Sweet and Sour Chicken

– Macaroni Cheese

– Sausage and Mash

Image from:

Give Women’s Rugby a Try!

by Alyssa Ollivier-Tabukashvili

September 2015, I followed my friend to the sports’ soc fair with acquiescence, keeping to my general motto of “gym yes, sports no”.

But in the spur of a moment I decided to sign up to women’s rugby.

Rugby: a sport I had never played, watched, or even talked about. Four months later, I am hooked and I have never enjoyed a sport as much as I do now.

So here are just a few reasons why joining the Wolfpack could be the greatest decision of your life:

– You learn to be part of a team. Team sports scared me because I always felt that I would make mistakes and let the team down, possibly leading to absolute humiliation. This is not the case, and UEAWRUFC makes room for mistakes, because mistakes are an opportunity to learn, and learning is what it’s all about. The girls here are incredibly supportive which leads me to…

…You find a family. This is a family like no other: we train, win and lose together, dance together and cuddle plenty. We are supportive of each other on the pitch and off it. What’s more, rugby is a contact sport, so you will get very comfortable very quickly with one another.

– You become a leader. Our wonderful coach, encourages us to learn from and teach one another, taking responsibility for a certain goal. This gives individuals confidence within the sport itself too. On the pitch as well: communication is a big factor in rugby and you learn to take charge of a situation.

– You challenge yourself. Mentally and physically.

– You gain immense confidence. Rugby gives you confidence, and this is partly due to challenging yourself. You gain self-confidence, confidence to work with others, confidence to take on new trials and to make sacrifices.

Rugby is both respectful and inclusive. Respect for your team, for the opposition and the ref. What skills or strength you lack in one area, you may fulfil in another. There are so many tasks to carry out, you cannot be useless in the game.

There are so many more reasons to join the rugby team at UEA, reasons that could apply to any sport and reasons that are unique to rugby. I surprised myself becoming so passionate about it, you might surprise yourself too.

Training is on Mondays and Fridays 5-7pm at Colney Lane. Find our Facebook page and come to a training session, play a match, and become one with the Wolfpack.

MUSE: DRONES – is the album as bold as it seems?

By David Winlo

For Muse’s 2015 album, they promised fans a move away from the orchestras and computer effects seen in 2009’s ‘The Resistance’ and ‘The Second Law’ of 2012. A move fans hoped would take them back towards the simpler three-piece set up that gave rise to their breakthrough album, ‘Origin of Symmetry’, in 2001. Last year they delivered the result of this decision: Drones.

From its title and cover art alone, we could see this was going to be a politically-influenced album. Whilst some bemoaned this theme becoming more common in their lyrics in recent years, there were no complaints from me. Matt Bellamy uses his protagonist to explore themes of being under control, the longing for for freedom, the rebellion this longing causes. Yes, there are bands that ‘suit’ such themes better, such as Anti-Flag and Rise Against, especially when bringing political themes into the mix as well, but Muse do succeed on this latest effort.

Musically, the album is slightly mixed with regards to Muse’s promise of a direction-change. In some areas they do well – Chris Wolstenholme provides ‘Mercy’ with some interesting moments in the bass, and Matt Bellamy once again shows off both his unusual custom guitar and his ability to create strange yet captivating guitar solos. Drummer Dom Howard has a less attention-grabbing role, but nevertheless has his moments, with strong and fitting beats and fills throughout the album. In other areas they let us down slightly – the riffs, whilst fun, are not as complex as fans of tracks like ‘Plug in Baby’ are used to, nor bass lines as imaginative as such songs as ‘Hysteria’.

Despite this slight lapse in creativity and in their typical style, Muse show us another aspect to their sound, another small range of styles they can make their own.

Image from Muse’s Website

Free Talks by Leading Minds

by Natalie Froome

All about expanding your horizons? These Lectures are free and open to the public


‘Behavioural economics and control trials in the UK Government’ – Rohan Grove, HM Revenue & Customs



‘Maximising potential through occupational therapy and Education’ – Professor Nicola Spalding



Spending Valentine’s in Norwich?

by Natalie Froome

Looking for somewhere to take your significant other this Valentine’s Day? Want something a bit different and impressive for a date?

Here we’ve compiled a short list of Norwich’s hidden gems, places a little out of the ordinary or off the beaten track for an extra special Valentine’s.

1. The Plantation Garden

Just outside the city centre, the Plantation Garden is described as a ‘secret garden’ in the heart of Norwich. It’s a ‘beatiful and tranquil’ place, perfect for a romantic stroll (providing the weather is good!)

2. The Sainsbury Centre For Visual Arts

A little obvious perhaps, but it’s on campus and the permanent collection is free to wander around. It also has a great coffee shop and is suitable if it’s raining outside!

3. Country and Eastern

For those couples who are a little more on the artsy-bohemian side, try a visit to Country and Eastern. Once a skating rink, this massive building now holds a huge collection of antiques, books and crafts.

4. Dine out!

Norwich has some great independent restaurants and one of my favourites is Captain America’s Hamburger Heaven. Just opposite Jarrolds, this restaurant is hidden away upstairs and serves THE BEST burgers in Norwich. It’s set out like an old American Diner and covered in comic book memorabilia. It’s only small so getting there early or booking is recommended.


Three Ways To Wear… An A-Line Skirt

By Elizabeth Wigley

3 Ways To Wear… An A-Line Skirt

The cold weather can often restrict us in what we wear, and personally the idea of wearing a skirt in winter just really doesn’t appeal to me – I get cold so easily! But wearing a skirt the right way means you can adapt your outfit easily, depending on the weather, the situation and the time of day. An A-line skirt is perfect for wearing in multiple outfits, as they can be both casual and that little bit more formal.

Comfy Campustwtw-1

Teaming an A-line skirt with a polo-neck jumper gives off that sophisticated air you might be looking for. It keeps it fashionable and practical at the same time, as the knitwear keeps you warm when walking to and from lectures. In this particular style, I have paired textures together, as the top is ribbed and the skirt is of a suede material – this can enhance the look as it breaks up the idea of simple block colours.

Mixing Patterns

Wearing more than one pattern together is often not done, as it can be twtw-2fairly risky. I would recommend not wearing more than two patterns in the same outfit as this can appear quite messy and not pulled together. With this outfit, the colours of each individual garment are fairly similar, as are the patterns of straight lines. As a result you would not quite expect this to work, but somehow it does!



The silhouette of an A-line skirt can be ideal for an evening out when yotwtw-3u don’t want to go too fancy. Its angles provide a formal yet fun look and give you freedom to move. Here I have matched it with a patterned crop top to contrast against the bold blackness of the skirt, and I am wearing a light patterned kimono as an outer-layer. This can be worn with or without tights, and some black leather mules have done the trick to make the look classier with a mid-heel.

The Hateful Eight: How does Tarantino’s Latest Offering Measure Up?

By Emily Vause

Tarantino’s newest film is not for the faint-hearted, a bloody bonanza of racial tension, dark humour and Samuel L. Jackson: what’s not to love? The three hour masterpiece has been criticised by many who have obviously never seen a Tarantino film for excessive violence but for those of us who know and love the over-the-top director, The Hateful Eight was a triumph.

Many of the cast are recognisable from previous Tarantino films such as Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Dogs. Fan favourite Samuel L. Jackson doesn’t disappoint with an entertaining yet intriguing performance and the lesser known but entertainingly named Walton Goggins exceeded all expectations. After a less than memorable performance in Django Unchained Goggins redeemed himself and more, his likable performance and hilarity took the spotlight even from Jackson in some scenes, something many of us would have thought impossible.

The Hateful Eight was definitely worth the trip to the cinema and it is still showing in Norwich so get to it! The film has managed to earn its place as my second favourite Tarantino film (after Django) despite what the critics say.

This is the film for you if you’re a fan of hilarious, somewhat bloody, action and as an additional perk Channing Tatum makes an appearance!

Image from