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Photography Spotlight – Rachel Glaves

By Rachel Glaves

Photography has been a keen interest of mine for the last five years. It is something which has slowly developed from a hobby to something I am very passionate about. Watching my dad, when I was younger, taking photographs with his old Nikon film camera inspired me and motivated me to take it up myself.


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The Autumnal Shift

By Conah Rivers

Autumn has slowly been creeping in for a while now, although officially starting at the end of September you would be forgiven if you hadn’t quite noticed the seasonal change up until now.

The leaves are falling, the skies turning grey, and the mornings are starting to feel like your 9AM lecture is now a 6AM. Alas, all is not lost in this seasonal shift; splashes of colour are everywhere, the scenery around us turns into a canvas of artwork. How could you not love it?

To celebrate this wonderful season, here are just few photos to illustrate how beautiful autumn can be.

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