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The Autumnal Shift

By Conah Rivers

Autumn has slowly been creeping in for a while now, although officially starting at the end of September you would be forgiven if you hadn’t quite noticed the seasonal change up until now.

The leaves are falling, the skies turning grey, and the mornings are starting to feel like your 9AM lecture is now a 6AM. Alas, all is not lost in this seasonal shift; splashes of colour are everywhere, the scenery around us turns into a canvas of artwork. How could you not love it?

To celebrate this wonderful season, here are just few photos to illustrate how beautiful autumn can be.

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An Alternate View

By Luke Farnish

Humans have always loved drawing maps, ever since the Greeks and their contemporaries began to explore the world, we have recorded the lands we have seen on sheets of paper. However, the most important fact about any map of the Earth is that it is wrong. It is impossible to completely accurately plot a spherical surface onto a flat rectangle; therefore, all maps are wrong. The issue is, our current most used projection is very wrong. This projection you will have seen on the walls of your old geography classroom is called the Mercator projection and was drawn up in 1569. Continue reading An Alternate View