Photography Spotlight – Rachel Glaves

By Rachel Glaves

Photography has been a keen interest of mine for the last five years. It is something which has slowly developed from a hobby to something I am very passionate about. Watching my dad, when I was younger, taking photographs with his old Nikon film camera inspired me and motivated me to take it up myself.


Making money from my photography (whilst desirable) is not why I do it, I do it because I love it and I find it freeing. To me, it is more than just capturing what is before me; it is a freedom to express what I see in my own way, to almost go into a fictional world and escape reality. Photography allows me to create a world of my own, which is something I absolutely love about it.

I generally focus on landscapes in my photography which lets this fictional world can come alive. Over the last two years my photography has taken off. I took courses to improve my skill, developed my Instagram and, over Summer 2017 I created a website. I update my Instagram more regularly than my website, but I use both sites to display my photographic adventures. My most recent adventures range from travelling Europe in 2017 to the Lake District during my last visit home. Europe was my first experience of travel photography (and solo travelling). Here I used photography to document my travels, whilst my photography in the Lake District was to capture the freedom found within the landscape. I find photography freeing and personal – this is why I do it and why I love it.

stone henge

All Photographs taken by the author

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