The Broad’s Society Spotlight’s are regular articles highlighting the societies of UEA – open to any and every club and society at the university. If you want your club or society spotlighted just send us a quick message and we’ll give you all the information you need!

By Scott Stockdale

UEA Blogging Society is an all-inclusive society which helps members create content and share it in the bloggersphere for other like-minded folks to enjoy. Established in 2016, we place emphasis on creating a friendly environment for members to enjoy the process of writing, whilst also developing a supportive network to help give feedback on posts. 

One of our most popular events is our Blogging Workshop which we host once a week. Here, members can come along with their laptops and dedicate two hours a week to creating content for their blog. It’s a relaxed atmosphere and members can share their ideas in a supportive place as they work away on their next posts. We’re looking to start bringing pizza to these events too because who doesn’t love pizza?!

Another one of our supportive spaces is our active Facebook group for members. On here, members can tell others about their latest posts and encourage people to check them out,  helping boost their readership. We have such a wide range of interests amongst our current members, and so it’s always fascinating reading about what others have to say about a particular matter.

We’re also planning on running numerous blogging brunches throughout the year. At these brunches, members will be able to meet up and work on their blogs over a coffee and casual chat. Again, these will be relaxed sessions and will enable members to meet other bloggers and feel like they’re part of a growing, active community.

We’re not all about blogging though. We run drinking and non-drinking socials throughout the year, such as bowling and bar crawls, and are always open to new social ideas from our members.

BlogSoc is constantly evolving and we’re always keen to encourage bloggers to join our community. If you think you might be interested, please come along to one of our events! You can find all the information you need on our website  and Facebook page. If you don’t currently have a blog, that’s cool too. We can help you set one up for free so that you too can become part of our growing community. We hope to see you soon!

Image courtesy of the UEA Blogging Society Facebook page.




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