The Best Societies to Keep Fit This Year

By Owen Standage

Now that everyone has had chance to settle in to the new year, we have compiled a list of the best clubs this year to join to keep fit.


To kick things off, we recommend the UEA Men’s and Women’s Rugby Teams to join if you have played rugby before, or if you want to try something new. Both Teams train on Monday and Friday evening. If you want to give it a go, head over to the relevant society pages by clicking either ‘Men’s’ Or ‘Women’s’ mentioned above.


For something a bit different, why not try the UEA Climbing Club. The club uses the Sportspark climbing wall and the Sportspark Team are on hand to ensure everybody is safe and has fun. No experience is necessary and all safety training will be provided. This is a really fun society and is great for keeping fit.


The UEA Cheerleading Dance and Stunt groups provide an excellent opportunity to have fun while keeping fit. No previous experience is necessary to join, so this would be great for anyone who has been curious about cheerleading but not had the opportunity to try it before.


The Ballet Club is a great club for all abilities, practising on Saturday afternoons. They have two Royal Academy of Dance Teachers who run the sessions. They run three sessions: beginner, intermediates, and advanced. So, whether you’ve never tried ballet, or you have a passion for it already, click the link above to find out more!

Touch Rugby

UEA Touch Rugby is a mixed sporting ability society who provide the opportunity for its members to play at a range of skill levels. Touch Rugby train 3 days a week, and also compete in tournaments.


There are Men’s and Women’s Football Clubs, each with multiple teams to accommodate a range of abilities. So whether you’ve left your old team when moving to UEA, or you want to take your casual football to another level, follow the links above.


UEA has both a Men’s and Women’s basketball club, both having teams that compete in several local and national basketball competitions. Both teams have three sessions a week, two are for the team, and one is an open session for members of all abilities. Everybody is welcome to join the clubs, so head over to the links and sign up.

Ultimate Frisbee

The Ultimate Frisbee club is a really fun club for everyone to join. They encourage people of all abilities to join in and have fun. The Club has competitive games, as well as casual games, so there is something for everyone. The sport is very active, so it is a great way to have fun while keeping fit.

I hope you find something you like in the article, the UEA has a huge range of clubs on offer, so if you can’t find something you like in my list, head over to the Students Union website and have a search around

Tell us your favourite club, or a new club you have joined, in the comments!

All photos except Football by the author. Football photos used with permission from The UEA Women’s Football Club.

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