The Autumnal Shift

By Conah Rivers

Autumn has slowly been creeping in for a while now, although officially starting at the end of September you would be forgiven if you hadn’t quite noticed the seasonal change up until now.

The leaves are falling, the skies turning grey, and the mornings are starting to feel like your 9AM lecture is now a 6AM. Alas, all is not lost in this seasonal shift; splashes of colour are everywhere, the scenery around us turns into a canvas of artwork. How could you not love it?

To celebrate this wonderful season, here are just few photos to illustrate how beautiful autumn can be.

Being hit in the face whilst walking to campus by a sudden gush of wind is never a fun thing. However, when applied to deciduous trees, a flurry of wind can be rather calming to watch. People watching? I say tree watching.

Location: behind the UEA Village (Bowthorpe Marsh)

My personal favourite thing to see during autumn is the delicate time frame where the leaves are still clinging on – turning a gorgeous maple colour. There’s something about autumn leaves that remind me of hot cups of tea and wrapping up warm, along with the excitement that Halloween is just around the corner.

Location: UEA Law School

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Finally, UEA – the main campus. The campus is now noticeably showing signs that autumn is here, the ivy growing up the sides of a few of the buildings is my personal favourite. During the Summer and spring months the ivy is usually a typical green colour but come Autumn/winter it is almost like someone has come along and photoshopped the entire thing. The surrounding areas of the lake are also extremely beautiful to go and explore. A personal favourite spot is the benches under the trees (Pictured above) where the leaves will fall around you, making you feel like you’re in your very own rom-com.

So, go and explore around UEA, take a stroll around the lake, and make sure to soak up the autumn atmosphere whilst it lasts!

All photography by the author.

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