Editor Opinions: Cupboard essentials for freshers

Starting university and having to fend for yourself for the first time can be an extremely overwhelming experience, but with our cupboard essentials you can tick food off from your list of things to worry about! Our editors let you know about what food stuffs they can’t live without and are handy for when you’re too busy to do a proper shop and want to save some cash.

‘Never forget the importance of spices in cooking. You don’t need an extensive selection, a supermarket own-brand mixed spice packet can add a kick to your meal for just a few pence.’ –Luke (Science Co-Editor) 

‘There are some easy ways to make sure you always have something to eat: develop a couple of staple dishes you’re often in the mood for, and buy ingredients for them and your other planned meals whenever you do your food shopping, and, failing that, make sure you have something simple and healthy as a backup, like canned soup or a dhal. Two of my staple dishes are vegetarian pad thai, and my own curry recipe.’ –David (Science Co-Editor) 

‘Anything dry that keeps!! I’ve managed to stretch my food shop almost a week longer before with things like tuna, pasta, rice and even longer lasting perishables like eggs. I’d also recommend some dried fruit; for a healthy snack on the go when you’re between meals or heading to the library for a study session.’ – Elizabeth (Social Media) 

‘If your parents are moving you in then make sure you take full advantage and stock up on heavy and bulky items. Lugging bottles of lemonade and multipacks of beans back from Aldi is no fun for anyone. I’d suggest you grab a few of your favourite tinned foods – soup, beans, tuna, alphabetti spaghetti etc and maybe stash some multipacks of Coke, bottled water and 2 litre bottles of lemonade in your room…for mixers and hangovers. You’ll also be grateful for some easy lunches so grab a few cup-a-soups, rice pouches or noodles to have as back-up options when you’d rather not make a sandwich or cook proper tea.’ – Charlotte (Entertainment)

‘It’s worth spending a bit of money to get a slow cooker – there will be lots of times when you just don’t have the time to spend by the stove. With a slow cooker, you can just tip in meat and vegetables in the morning and let it cook itself. This way, in the evening you come back to a hot, home made dinner without any of the effort.’ – Ewa (Food)

Image: “Cupboard” by Jordan is licensed under CC BY 2.0

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