The Vegan Guide to Eating Out in Norwich

By Emily Vause

Earlier this week I wrote the Vegetarian Guide to Eating Out in Norwich and got a terrific response!

You all seemed to get a lot from it but had one question – what about the vegans?

Although I listed a few vegan suggestions in the original article I wanted to give the vegan community a more comprehensive, entirely vegan, list of places to try.

Though I’m not a vegan myself, I totally get the health and environmental benefits of the lifestyle so I try to eat vegan whenever I can and, therefore, am always on the lookout for new and exciting places to try A.K.A offering more than just a salad or stuffed mushroom.

 So here is a list I’ve put together for the vegans of UEA, in the surprisingly vegan-friendly city of Norwich!


Namaste India:  

This small and comfy restaurant can be on the pricy side if you go all out and order everything on the menu, as is very tempting to do, however, as long as you keep yourself under control it doesn’t have to cost much and you get a lot for the price. Not everything on the menu is vegan but the vast majority of it is; from masalas to biryanis to dosas – if you want vegan Indian food this is the place to go and it is delicious! Alternatively, if you have a bigger group there’s Namaste Village which is just a bigger venue with the same great food.

Wild Thyme Vegetarian Café:

 Although this one is named for vegetarians, the vegan choices are amazing! If you’re looking for somewhere that does a full vegan breakfast then look no further with plenty of options whether you want a plate full or a lighter dish. The mains are known to be a hit with everyone, not just those on a meatless diet, with loads of choice and great combinations. I confess, this is one I have not visited myself yet but it’s first on my list as soon as student finance lands – it all just looks so good!

Moorish Falafel Bar:

 Maybe not all vegans like falafel but I certainly do so when I discovered a falafel bar I was understandably excited! Boasting various, cheap, meals such as pittas and salad boxes, all with a helping of falafel. Or, if falafel is not your thing, they have a range of locally sourced vegan cakes to sweeten your lunchtime. If that still doesn’t take your fancy, head next door to Finnie’s Juice Bar which often stocks vegan pizzas and baked goods.

 The Tipsy Vegan:

Another I haven’t yet visited but I really want to. The Tipsy Vegan offers everything vegan – brunch, lunch, dinner, cocktails – and you probably haven’t seen it anywhere else either. Vegan American pancakes and bacon, vegan carbonara, vegan steak, vegan fish and chips: there’s everything you could think of! Their cocktails look delicious too. As an entirely vegan restaurant it erases the worry about ingredients too which is a comforting thought.


An entirely vegan café and “grab ‘n’ go” stocking vegan hot drinks, cakes, “soysage rolls” and sandwiches. All of this is pretty cool on its own but there’s an additional twist, they also have a vegan deli counter boasting burgers, tofu and other meat substitutes so aid your own vegan cooking along with vegan cheese, pizzas and ice-cream. Clearly this is a great place for those wanting a quick bite to eat as well as those who are bored of supermarket-style tofu.

ImageVegetables by Sonny Abesamis is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

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