The Vegetarian Guide to Eating Out in Norwich

By Emily Vause

So, you’ve just started at UEA, living in a brand-new city maybe, or maybe you’re a returner who hasn’t explored the Norwich food scene as much as you want to. Restaurants can be a daunting place for those on a Vegetarian (or Vegan) diet.

What if there’s nothing on the menu you can eat?

What if you just don’t want to order a superfood salad for the billionth time?

Why does everything have mushrooms in it?

These questions probably occur to all people on a meatless diet at some point in their lives but, luckily, Norwich is a great place for those of us more restricted students and they won’t break the bank!


This Japanese restaurant is one of the most vegetarian friendly chains that I have yet come across with numerous meatless dishes to choose from including their famous Ramen that you will have heard at least five teenagers raving about in your life and, my personal favourite, Yasai Pad Thai, which is one of the only vegetarian varieties I have come across thus far! If you’re not feeling particularly adventurous there’s also milder curries and rice dishes which are flavoursome but not overpowering!

Pizza Express:

Many people will wonder why I’m even mentioning an Italian restaurant chain because pizza and pasta are obviously great vegetarian foods! Well yes, that’s very true, however, a surprising number of places I’ve been tend to have only two options: Margarita Pizza and Pasta Pomodoro. So yeah, not the most exciting of options! However, Pizza Express is the exception to this rule, and isn’t pricey with a voucher, with 7 vegetarian pizzas, two vegan pizzas, and yes a superfood salad but that’s beside the point! Plus you get an amazing view from your table (see featured image).

Vegan Diner and Falafel and Friends:

These innovative market stalls are the best place to grab a quick vegetarian or vegan snack that isn’t a pasty or just veg and hummus. The Vegan Diner has a huge range of options from breakfast baps to “streetcorn” and vegan hoagies, if you want something slightly unusual this is the place to go! Falafel and Friends is just as exciting, boasting a large variety of wraps and snacks, a particular favourite of mine being the tofu nuggets which are delicious! Both places are perfect for when you get peckish while shopping or just crave something new.

Nanna Mexico:

Nothing beats a burrito when you’re craving Mexican food and Nanna Mexico is the best place in Norwich to satisfy this. Everything on the menu can be made vegetarian so if you’re in the mood for anything Mexican from nachos to tacos to quesadillas then head down there right now, or you can Deliveroo it!

Campus Kitchen:

Maybe you’re starving but can’t be bothered to trek to town or wait for a bus – that’s fine because the Campus Kitchen has got you covered! They always serve a vegetarian or vegan option and you can usually find the menu for the day on their twitter account so you’ll know in advance that there’s something on offer that you want. Alternatively, if you’re not feeling a hot meal or want something a little healthier, there’s also the salad bar!

Eating out on a meatless diet can be quite a task but, in Norwich, it doesn’t have to be so hard when you have a few staple places!

ImageThe Forum, Norwichby Martin is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0.

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