A Rough Guide to UEA Slang

By Natalie Froome

So, the results are in and you’ll be joining UEA in September. You’re in for an amazing time, and to help out we’ve compiled a handy guide to some terms and slang names that are unique to UEA.

Square – The square is the centre of campus life and not actually a square. It’s that concrete courtyard with all the steps down that you probably saw
on the open day. It’s a handy place to meet and also the perfect location for the student pastime that is summer day-drinking. Oh, and on Derby Day and Pimp my Barrow Livewire bring their speakers out and it is basically the scene of a massive outdoor party.

Derby Day – If you don’t like sport, you’ll probably pretend to be interested on Derby Day. Because it’s not really about sport. It’s about beating Essex.

The 5L’s – The official name for an unofficial UEA challenge. The 5 L’s have existed in the lore of UEA for…I don’t even know how long. The L’s are the Lake, Launderette, Library, LCR and Lecture theatre. Completing the challenge means having sex in all five locations. Side note: anyone who claims to have completed the 5 L’s is probably lying (lecture theatre? Really?).

The Hub – There’s different Hub’s for different schools, so make sure you know where yours is. The Hub is where you submit work to, where you get marked work back from, and where you pick up extension forms. They sort out all the academic stuff, you can just go in and ask about things you’re unsure about and they’ll try and help you.

The LCR – Apparently LCR stands for Lower Common Room. It’s not a common room, but rather the on-campus club. According to one Broad Editor it’s ‘Loud and messy, but also kinda like your primary school disco.’ It’s regarded fondly by UEA students and it’s probably somewhere you’ll become familiar with on Fresher’s week. The LCR also holds gigs and has hosted some pretty big names over the years.

The Hive – The Hive is the downstairs part of Union House, the area with the big pink benches and Unio coffee shop. It sometimes hosts student enterprise markets and is also used for fresher’s fair.

Union House – The big ol’ concrete block in the middle of campus. It contains the SU offices, the Hive, Scholars bar, Livewire, Unio, the LCR and has Red and Blue bar at the bottom. There’s also ‘bookable rooms’ upstairs in Union House that are used to host society meetings and sometimes seminars.

Cloud Dog – A UEA icon. Cloud Dog was a massive floofy white dog. She became a phenomenon in 2016 when students spotted her majestic presence on campus. Sighting cloud dog was something to write to the group chat about – and getting to pet her was worthy of major bragging rights. Cloud Dog has a Facebook page and The SU even made a statue of her in The Hive last semester as a reward for voting in the elections. Sadly, after suffering with arthritis, Cloud Dog left us last year for the great dog basket in the sky. However, her previous owners have now got a cloud puppy – which we hope will be following in cloud dogs paw-steps!

Red/Blue bar – UEA has two interconnecting bars (there’s also scholar’s bar – which is lovely, but for postgrads and mature students). Some people are strongly loyal to one side or the other, but for most it’s a case of where the space is and what you feel like doing. Blue bar hosts sports night and live music performances, whereas red bar has pool tables and is slightly bigger.

The Gender Neutrals – When UEA refurbed Union House back in 2015 they decided to make the toilets gender neutral to be more inclusive. These toilets also have free sanitary products courtesy of a campaign last year. ‘Going to the gender neutrals’ or ‘I’ll see you by the gender neutrals’ then became a thing.

The Broad – That massive lake on campus. And the name of UEA’s excellent online student magazine (not that we’re biased.) It’s Great for BBQ’s in the summer, not so great for falling into (from personal experience – it’s very cold). It’s also great for taking a walk around on a Saturday morning. Loads of people walk their dogs around it and you sometimes get to pet them. (again, personal experience, my record is 13 dogs).

Unio – The coffee shop in Union House. Getting to Unio when the queue isn’t massive is something of an art form.

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