Norwich Fashion Week 2017

by Charlotte Manning

Of all the places you’d expect to host an incredible fashion week, little old Norwich
isn’t one that instantly springs to mind. You might be surprised to find that Norwich even has a fashion week, let alone a rather fantastic one!

I went along to the Hair and Make Up show a couple of Fridays ago, which was sponsored by local opticians Dipple and Conway, and was blown away by the quality that stood in front of me. Having never been to a fashion show before, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect but this honestly could have been a show featured at London Fashion Week.

epic hair

Looks were showcased from collaborations of local MUA’s, salons and colleges such as the ‘Norwich School of Beauty’, ‘City College Norwich’ and ‘Millie Rose’, to name but a few. It was a perfect opportunity for those based locally to collaborate and show off their stunning work and talents that they may not be able to show off elsewhere.


What struck me the most was the confidence and professionalism of all the models who ran the catwalk. Going up there in itself is daunting but everyone looked so cool and comfortable on the runway. These were not professional models, just local people who had the opportunity to walk all kinds of looks!

really pretty gal

My personal favourite was a group called ‘Paintopia’ who used various materials to essentially paint their designs onto the models. You can see in the pictures that these looks were bizarre but also incredible to look at!

body art romeo and juliet

There were so many wonderful looks showcased which perfectly fitted the dramatic and bold theme of the show. Everything seemed so original and authentic and I loved how daring some of the looks were. It’s brilliant for artists to be able to show off their creativity with this sort of freedom.


The hard work of the people producing and starring the show definitely paid off as the whole thing was fantastic and left me in awe. Here’s to Norwich Fashion Week 2018 (and many more)!

Images by Charlotte Manning

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