Best Organisation Apps

by Natalie Froome

Have so many things to do that you don’t know what to put your hands into first? Maybe you find procrastination too powerful to do anything productive?  Here’s a list of great apps that should get you back on track!


Wunderlist is, in my opinion, the best to do list app. If, like me, you often feel like tasks are piling up and don’t know what to start with, this app will help you organise your priorities. You simply list the tasks you have to do and tick them off when they’re done, which generates a satisfying ‘ping.’ You can set deadlines and organise tasks by when they’re due, set reminders and add details for each task. Collaboration is also possible, if you’ve got a group project you can assign tasks to different people and see when everyone completes their parts. The best thing about the app is its syncing capacity: download the app on your laptop, tablet, phone and when you put a task in one device, it will sync to the rest.


Evernote is a handy note making tool that I frequently use in lectures and seminars. This is mainly due to the logistics: it’s a lot easier to make notes on an iPad than it is to lug around three different books and a bunch of pens. With Evernote, your notes are all in one place and (like wunderlist) they sync across to your laptop. If my iPad dies, I can go on a library computer, pull up the Evernote website and my notes are all still in one place. You can also save pictures to Evernote, so if you want to take a picture of the questions on the last slide of the PowerPoint instead of writing them down you can put them in the same place.


This app is a lifesaver when it comes to combating procrastination. You use it to set timers throughout which you’re not allowed to touch your phone. If you’re successful, you will grow a tree out of the seed you plant at the start of the timer. If you do touch your phone – the tree dies and the stump will be visible on your weekly timeline to forever remind you of this shameful time you procrastinated. However, if you do stick to it, you can grow a beautiful forest if you use the app often enough.

Image courtesy of Kim S Ly

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