Fifty Shades Darker Review

By Gabriela Williams

Although this might not be everyone’s most anticipated film of the year, Fifty Shades Darker is a hit with its predominantly female fan base.

The infamous Christian Grey, played by Jamie Dornan, is portrayed as walking away from a world of “Kinky Fuckery” to devote himself to Ana. Ana, played by Dakota Johnson (who is the daughter of actors Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith), is hesitant to take Christian back.  She is warned by Mrs. Robinson (Elena Lincoln, played by Kim Basinger) that Christian cannot give up the life of BDSM which she introduced to him. Ana ignores this advice, and when Elena shows up again on Christian’s birthday she throws a drink in her face. At this point the screams of ‘Yes!’ within the audience were audible. Other parts of the film that also made me giggle included some very sassy lines from Ana when she gives Christian lessons in how to have a conversation. In addition to this, other mundane life events become oddly comical such as Ana taking Christian grocery shopping. Although their intimate fun with some vanilla ice cream bought there did not make it into the film.

The performance delivered by such a talented cast was extraordinary, Jamie Dornan’s only better role has been in the BBC TV series The Fall. The direction, by James Foley, was impeccable. The only fault is with the dialogue. Jamie Dornan’s lines were, at some points, laughable and there seemed to be hints of his Irish accent coming through in places. The writer, E. L. James seems to have had her way this time round, after numerous arguments with Sam Taylor Johnson, the director of the first instalment in the trilogy. The storyline is as close to the book’s plot as is possible for a 2 hour film. There is suspense created from the stalking of the lovers by Leila Williams (an ex-girlfriend of Christian) and a very startled audience when she attempts to shoot Ana. The other element of danger in this film comes from the slimy boss, Jack Hyde, who sexually assaults Ana at work.

The main reason for many to see this film might be the incredibly steaming sex scenes, of which there are plenty. These scenes are well supported by the soundtrack, which includes a collaboration from Zayn Malik and Taylor Swift and a cover of ‘The Scientist’ by Corinne Bailey Rae, which is played at the beginning of the film. But the truly romantic moments can be found as the Malik and Swift song is played over Ana and Christian sailing in his boat, as well as the ending of the film which features the couple under a canopy of roses with fireworks above.

Ultimately, this film might not be everyone’s cup of tea, however it is set to beat the first film’s profits and, for fans, is the perfect second instalment, which further explores and develops Ana and Christian’s romance.

Image by Mike Mozart from Flickr

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