Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children Review

By Jodie Bailey

It seems like we have YA book adaptations popping up here, there and everywhere these days, and with such an over-saturation of the YA genre you would be forgiven for holding out little faith that original stories could be told. And fine, Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children is a quirky mash-up of X-Men and Harry Potter so it’s not entirely original, but thanks to Tim Burton’s masterful ability to add a Gothic twist to anything he creates, Miss Peregrine manages to stand out from an otherwise formulaic genre.

Our story focuses on Jake (Asa Butterfield), a Harry Potter-type who actually has parents and a grandfather, whose bedtime stories aren’t the works of fiction Jake believed them to be. After a family tragedy Jake is haunted by monstrous dreams, so he goes to Wales to put his fears to rest, only to find that the monsters in his dreams are all too real. At the titular home, he meets several children with an array of ‘peculiarities’ and of course Miss Peregrine herself (portrayed by Eva Green, who sadly doesn’t get enough screen time). Asa Butterfield takes on an archetypal hero role and holds his own in a great cast including Chris O’Dowd and Samuel L. Jackson, who begins to grate on you only ever so slightly towards the end of the film.

Whilst the film strays away from the original plot of the book, the movie has enough peculiarities to keep it fresh and engaging. The special effects are great, but not in an overly Tim Burton fashion, so those who aren’t huge fans of his work shouldn’t be put off. After watching the movie your usual YA series will no longer suffice, so go on, embrace the peculiar!

Image from 20th Century Fox

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