UEA Community Choir Launch

by David Winlo

I recently had the pleasure of watching the UEA Community Choir perform at its launch in the square on the UEA campus. After a short warm-up they sang an entertaining medley of songs, including ‘When the Saints Go Marching In’, and ‘I’m Gonna Sing’. The performance was very fun to watch, and very impressive when you consider that the event marked the first time that group of people had ever sung together as a group.

The choir was formed by its conductor, Stuart Dunlop, director of music at UEA, with the intention of bringing music to all: people who have sung all their lives, people who have never sung, and people who feel they can’t. If this last one includes you, believe me, you can. Aside from being a fan of its debut, I think the Community Choir is a very good idea because everybody can benefit from music. It has the ability to entertain, relax and connect us, so I think it’s important that there should be a place where anyone can practice and have fun with music.

The Community Choir rehearses for the first time this Wednesday, the 12th of October in the UEA Music Centre, starting with ‘Stand By Me’ and ‘Something Inside So Strong’. I encourage anybody who wants to sing to go and join, and am hopeful for more performances from the choir in the future.

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