Syrian Refugee Raising Funds to Complete Ph.D. at UEA

by Natalie Froome


Even before you consider her background, Enana Alassaf is an extrodinary woman.

She’s passionate about researching new cancer therapies that will save, lengthen and improve lives, has completed a Pharmacy Bachelors Degree, a Masters in Molecular Medicine and is now set to continue her work at PhD level.

However, getting to this point has been far from easy and the future will continue to be uncertain if she doesn’t manage to raise the money to continue her studies.

Enana started her academic journey at Aleppo University in Syria, completing her degree amidst the chaos and danger of Syria’s devastating Civil War. Aleppo is now recognised as one of the most dangerous cities in the world. She volunteered in two hospitals and a pharmacy during the war, and recounts seeing ‘horrific injuries sustained during barrel bombs, missiles, and shooting attacks.’

In 2014, Enana was granted a scholarship to complete a Masters at UEA and has stayed on as a volunteer researcher for the past year. Enana and her husband had planned to sell everything they had in Aleppo to fund her PhD, but lost their pharmacy, house, car and all their savings in the shelling.

Even if you can only spare what you’d normally spend on a pint at the SU bar, it would be brilliant if we at UEA could join together and support Enana. If you’re not able to donate please share her JustGiving page. We’ve imbeded the site below, or you can copy and paste this link:

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