8 Do’s and Don’ts For Your Wardrobe This September

By Elizabeth Wigley

Looking at that massive heap of clothes, shoes and bags can be daunting when deciding what to take with you to university. You may feel like you’re moving millions of miles away and need to pack everything you own – you don’t! Here is a list of do’s and don’t’s when packing for your year at UEA.


 * Bring basics. From your favourite jeans, to a comfy hoodie, to that top you always throw on when you can’t find anything else to wear, you’ll thank yourself for bringing these easy, familiar items of clothing when you’re rushing to that 9am!

* Bring sports/gym clothes. You might not initially be feeling up to doing anything active at uni but you may change your mind after visiting the sports fair, and it’s always good to be prepared.

* Only bring clothes/shoes that you have worn in the past six months. If you bring things you can’t even remember buying, chances are they won’t come out of the wardrobe, which means transporting unnecessary items to and from home.

* Remember that you won’t be living in the middle of nowhere – Norwich has a great variety of shops, so you can always pop into the city to buy something you may have forgotten to bring with you.


* Bring your entire wardrobe! You will just forget what you have and will end up wearing about a third of what you bring.

* Bring your nicest, most expensive shoes. It’s unlikely that you’ll get the opportunity to wear them, so keep them at home for special occasions.

* Bring all your winter coats. Remember that you’re starting the uni year in autumn, and so it may not get cold for a while! They will simply take up space in your wardrobe that you might need for other things.

* Bring clothing that requires a lot of care – for example, if something creases very easily or needs to be dry-cleaned, you may not ever wear it due to the effort of maintaining its quality.

Image from Flickr

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