Results day – What’s Next?

By Lewis Martin

Woo! Its results day and all those weeks of anxiety over how well you’ve done are now over. Now it’s time to look forward to the future and that future is UEA.

It is understandable that you may be anxious about what the future holds for you in the build up to your arrival, or just about what’s happening if you didn’t get the grades you expected. Well, this article will help guide you through what to do.

First things first, don’t be scared of clearing or contacting the university. If you haven’t got the grades that you wanted or needed, then don’t panic. Clearing can be your best friend in terms of getting into a university place either at UEA or at another university that may have places on the course you wanted or a similar one. Also don’t be afraid to contact the university if you have any worries about the grades or the course that you’re going into. they will be willing to help you in the build up to the start of the academic year and get your school to answer any questions that you may have before you arrive.

Don’t be scared if you’re offered something different from what you applied for. Although its rare, if you didn’t get the grades for the course you wanted some of the schools do have access to what is called a Foundation Year. Having studied one in the last year it is a perfect way to learn a huge cross section of disciplines within the Arts and Humanities as well as adjusting you to university life in a social and academic sense. It will also allow you to see what each area of each school teaches and might even convince you to change your course (I changed from History to Politics and International Relations) after having studied the range of topics and subjects that are open to you.

When you know you’re coming to UEA, join the group pages and chats for your course and flat mates. Every single subject and school will have a group page and probably an unofficial group chat made. These are the best places to meet the people you’re going to be sharing the next 3/4 years with on your course and also make friends early on. These can be found by either posting what course you’re doing on the main fresher’s page, or something less intimidating is to have a search through the posts posted on it and then just leave a comment on it. you can repeat the above for your housing.

Editors note:

Whatever happens on results day, remember that you always have plenty of options. If you’re coming to UEA that’s brilliant and you’re going to have an incredible time, if you missed out on the grades, it’s always worth calling the university and discussing your options. Good luck!

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