How To Boost Your CV Over Summer

by Natalie Froome


1. Summer jobs

Alongside earning some cash for the summer and perhaps even saving for the next term, it also shows a potential graduate employer that you’ve got a good work ethic. Even if it’s a mundane or menial job that has nothing to do with your future plans, it lets them know you’re willing to get up each day and work hard. Any summer job will broaden your experiences and look good on a CV. Places that often recruit over summer include: summer camps, retailers, festivals and tourist attractions. The UEA MyCareerCentral site advertises summer jobs and is a good place to start.

2. Free courses

From animation to military ethics, Spanish to coding, sustainable fashion to film production, anatomy to finance, has literally hundreds of free online courses. Many of these are taught by leading universities (including several run by UEA) and are great for learning something new or building on the subject knowledge you already have. The courses taught by videos, articles and some include short multiple-choice tests. You can put them on your CV when you’re done, but if an employer ever requires you to prove you took the course (which they probably won’t) you can purchase a certificate of participation for around £30 from the site.

3. Volunteering

If you’ve got time on your hands, why not use it for some good? Check out local charity shops, homeless organisations and animal rescues. It’s more likely than not they’ll be happy for you to spend some time helping out. If you haven’t got that much time, or don’t want to commit to regular volunteering then you could try looking for events volunteering opportunities. Loads of charity races happen in the summer and require help marshalling, setting up and it usually only involves giving up a day of your time.

4. Learn a language

In a more global world, language skills can really help you stand out. There are lots of options, but one of the most popular is an online site called Duolingo. It’s completely free, easy to use, has 27 different languages on offer and contains a social aspect where you can add friends.

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