Nights Out in Norwich – Staying Safe

by Beth Papworth


Norwich is one of the safest cities in the UK, however, it is important for UEA students to feel safe on nights out and in order to achieve this there are crucial pieces of advice to know.

First of all, make sure that you don’t leave your drink unattended – someone could spike it when you’re not looking. A crime survey by ITV showed that one in ten people have had their drink spiked, though not all cases have led to sexual assault. Most students do not report their drink being spiked because they’re embarrassed, ashamed or do not remember what happened. My advice is to pay close attention to your drink and make sure it is never left unguarded! If you believe your drink, or a friends, has been spiked seek medical attention immediately.

Another way for UEA students to be safe on a night out is to avoid walking home alone in early hours of the morning. It is best to leave the night club with a group of friends or to save money by sharing a taxi with them on the way home. Not only is this economically cheaper than getting one by yourself, but you are also much safer in a larger group of people. A UEA student informed me, ‘‘I don’t feel safe walking alone at night, but if I am with friends then I am granted some degree of safety.’’ Students at UEA would feel much safer if they choose to stick to a group of people to avoid unsafe situations on nights out, especially as clubbing does involve alcohol consumption and this can alter people’s behaviour.

In the rare situation that you find yourself in a dangerous situation on a night out, do remember that you have the ability to make yourself safer by keeping your wits about you and sticking to a group of people!

Don’t forget that the SU operates a Safe Taxi Scheme to get you home safely, even if you are out of cash. All you have to do is call the taxi company to give them your student number and name, the company will then send an invoice to the Students Union who will pay for your travel. You’ll be asked to pay the money back but the scheme ensures students can get home safe and sound after a night out.

These are the taxi companies currently taking part:

ABC Taxi

Loyal Taxi

Best Way Taxi

5 Star Taxi

Canary Taxi

Courtesy Taxi

Cathedral Cars

Green Frogs

Beeline Taxi

(photo courtesy of Marcela Laskoski at

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