Captain America: Civil War Review

By Alex J Lee

Wow! If I was to sum this movie up in one word it would probably be wow. I’m a Marvel fan and I think that this is probably Marvel’s best movie yet. Captain America: Civil War got the balance of action, adventure, humour, plot, emotion and excitement just right. If you like Marvel and superheroes go and see it!

Following a fight between Crossbones and a team of Avengers – Black Widow, Scarlet Witch, Captain America and Falcon – the governments of the world decide that superheroes need to be held accountable for the collateral damage caused in their fights. Iron Man/Tony Stark agrees and Captain America/Steve Rogers disagrees. Their friends and fellow Avengers get involved and it leads to the titular Civil War. Except it’s not quite so formulaic and various sub-plots arise – including the reappearance of Steve’s old friend Bucky Barnes also known as the Winter Soldier – which leads to more and more compilations.

Given the track record of DC movies to ignore collateral damage, many times taking property damage to extreme level, it’s certainly interesting to finally see a superhero movie that acknowledges this. Also given Marvels past with representation it’s good to see a Marvel movie with three black heroes – War Machine, Falcon and Black Panther – as well as three female heroes – Scarlet Witch, Black Widow and Agent 13. I hope Marvel continue to grow in this direction.

Civil War is not a flawless movie. In my opinion, (and remember I am proudly Team Cap) Tony Stark didn’t have to fully deal with the consequences of his actions leaving his story arc within the movie feeling incomplete. Also I thought Zemo was misused as an antagonist in the movie given that he is an important villain in the comics.

In many ways Civil War is a more worthy sequel to Avengers Assemble than last year’s Age Of Ultron. That said; Avengers Assemble is a good jumping on point to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I suspect someone who hasn’t seen at least two other Marvel movies would probably be completely lost.

Image from Marvel Website

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