3 Reasons to Learn a Language This Term

by David Winlo


  1. Staving off third-term boredom.

We are now in the third term of the year, and much of what there is to explore in town and on campus right now may have already been explored. No matter how much or little there is going on this term, learning a foreign language is a sure-fire way to keep yourself entertained while waiting for something new and interesting to surface. Those familiar with GCSE and perhaps A-level foreign language lessons may be sceptical of this reason, but if you’ve decided entirely by yourself to learn the language, it is virtually guaranteed to interest you.

2. De-stress during the exam period

Far from cramming your head full of extra information when it is already struggling to keep up, an additional language can be an excellent way to escape your everyday stresses and get you thinking in different ways or about other things. It has been shown that people who speak multiple languages have a slightly different personality in each – perhaps you’ll see things differently when speaking Spanish, and exams will seem less stressful or be further from the forefront of your mind.

3. The holidays are approaching

Thinking of going abroad this summer? A foreign language on holiday can rescue a stressful situation, and add to the fun of any holiday activity. If you’re not sure how to get somewhere, you won’t have to worry about asking for directions and you’ll be there in no time. Wherever you are, you’re likely to get very friendly responses from the locals – in The Netherlands for example, I spoke to a waiter in Dutch and was responded to with friendliness, extra portions of dessert, and free beers!

(image courtesy of © Michael Jastremski / 2008-02-06)

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