Things To Do in Norwich: Pubs

by Emily Vause

The Birdcage

Pros: This was definitely one of the most artsy bars I’ve found in Norwich, with a rocking horse in the window and butterflies on the ceiling there was nothing not to love about the interior. The atmosphere was warm and friendly and we happily sat in there for a drink with no complaints. A special highlight was when a dog came in for a visit and made his home under our table! As if that isn’t enough, apparently there’s a pub cat!

Cons: This is probably not a venue suited for large groups since it is quite little but for small gatherings it’s perfect. Pricing is steeper than some students are used to but, let’s be honest, LCR pricing has ruined us forever.

The Bicycle Shop

Pros: This bar has the additional perk of doubling as a restaurant, you could enjoy a nice meal upstairs and then head downstairs to the ‘handlebar’ area for some good music and drinks. Live music, comedy and poetry readings are popular here but unfortunately I didn’t catch one.

Cons: When I went it was very busy so maybe not the place for you and your 36 friends to pre-drink however for more intimate gatherings it is a cool and relaxed place to hang out. A warning though, if you’re used to tame cider stick to the tap, the bottled cider is not for the weak!

The Fat Cat

Pros: Just your traditional pub, there’s loads of choice for beer and cider connoisseurs and some very high percentages if you order the right thing. One pint will make your head go fuzzy for a surprisingly cheap price!

Cons: Get there early because it fills up quick and no one wants to be without a chair to sit on after three pints of Black Dragon!

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