What To Wear To An Interview

By Elizabeth Wigley

It’s already nearly April and before we know it summer will be upon us, which means summer job hunting! But sometimes, what we wear to a job interview can be just as important as what you say about yourself. Think about it – if you turn up looking untidy and not put together, this may reflect your work ethic.

 It is important to consider the job you are being interviewed for. Of course, if it is waitressing in a cafe you will not be expected to dress very formally, however if you are hoping to intern in an office the dress code will certainly be different.

 Black can often be the go-to colour for a job interview, as it is simple and inoffensive. This is absolutely fine as you can’t really go wrong with it, but remember that your clothes can be a clear representation of your personality. So if you love bright patterns and colours, by all means wear them! But it can be advised that you wear simple tones, with a splash of colour to break up the monochrome. For example, for a formal look a black midi skirt, black boots and a patterned shirt is ideal, as is smart black trousers with a plain top and a coloured blazer.

 Having the right silhouette is a significant aspect of your outfit. A smart, crisp and tidy look appears more professional than if you wear ill-fitted garments. For guys, it cannot be stressed enough how much of a difference it makes if your suit fits you well. Match this with some smart, clean shoes and a nicely-patterned tie and you will look the business. Accessories are also vital to get right. This can be anything from jewellery (a statement necklace can look great with block colours), to the bag you choose to bring to the shoes you wear. DO NOT WEAR HEELS IF YOU CAN’T WALK IN THEM. It can make you look less mature and just a bit silly.

 So remember, don’t overdress for an interview that doesn’t require smart attire, and don’t underdress for a job where formality is key. First impressions count, and sometimes what you wear can speak louder than you do.

Image from Flickr

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