KAOS Fashion Show 2016 – Pre-Show Interview

By Elizabeth Wigley

Kids Action Overseas (KAOS) is a charitable society here at UEA, and their ninth annual fashion show is being held on Sunday 6th March. Ahead of the show, I interviewed some of the committee to get an inside look as to how the show will be run, and what the society aims to achieve through the event.

For those who aren’t aware of KAOS, would you mind giving a brief explanation as to what their aims are?

We are a charitable organisation which raises money for free charities, such as Khandel Light, New Hope Kenya and New Hope Cambodia. We organise these charity events in order to raise money to improve the standard of living for children in these countries who are deprived and can’t fend for themselves.

Does the charity raise money for countries in particular continents or are you internationally-focused?

We concern ourselves with international countries, for example at Christmas we organised the Christmas Shoebox Appeal where presents were sent to kids in Romania.

What exactly does the money raise do for the children concerned with the charities?

Part of the money raised goes towards increasing education in the areas, so it contributes to building schools for the children, which enables them to get the standard education that they need. Some of the money also goes towards developing the areas they live in, which consequently improves the standards of living.

You are including student brands and society lines in the fashion show as well as well-known high-street names – why do you feel this is important?

UEA is such a diverse place so it’s great to get lots of people from a range of societies involved in the show. We feel it’s important that students can approach us and say they want to showcase their brands and promote what they have created. So, it’s a chance to display the talents of the university whilst raising money at the same time. Also, it’s an opportunity for the societies to promote themselves and encourage people to join.

You are including other societies in the event such as Royal Dance – do you feel this helps to promote your message and distribute your ideas throughout the university?

Yes we try and make the event as diverse as possible, so by having as many performers as we can this means there is something for everyone which all can enjoy. As well as this, by having so many different groups of people getting involved in the event it shows everyone pulling together and working as a team to raise money for these charities.

In what ways can students get involved in raising money for KAOS?

The best thing you can do is come along to the fashion show, have a look at what we do both in terms of the events and what the money raised does for children overseas. Also at this time of year we will be running elections for committee positions so if anyone is interested in getting involved in a deeper sense this is a great opportunity to put yourself forward.

The show is being held this Sunday 6th March at 7pm in the LCR. Come along for a great night to raise money and have some fun! Buy your tickets at the link below, and to find out more about KAOS or to join the society follow the second link included.



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