A Defence of Mary Chapman Court

by Alex Lee

I live in Mary Chapman Court. Whenever I tell someone this I tend to get either a pained or sympathetic reaction. We have a reputation as the worst accommodation block! But I honestly couldn’t be happier to be living in Mary Chapman Court. Here’s a few reasons why:

* First of all, those rumours about bed bugs and cockroaches? Yes they are true but they were greatly exaggerated and in fairness to maintenance they were very quickly dealt with.

* We live so near to the city, seriously it’s a two minute walk to the market place/town hall! This is so handy for going to events that are happening in the city. It’s also super convenient whenever we need to pop to the shops, whether that’s because we fancy some retail therapy, we urgently need to get something or we are doing a weekly food shop.

* Sure, on campus you have a lake but in Mary Chapman Court we live right next to a river. We semi-regularly see ducks and swans swim past us! I know the first time that I mentioned to my mum that I was living next to a river she thought it was lovely!

* There’s only five (and some flats have even less) people per flat. The biggest benefit of this is that we all get several cupboards in the kitchen, no storage issues over here!

* Our post is delivered right to our door. No trips across campus and queueing up at the Post Centre for us! This is so convenient and so much less time consuming.

* Every flat in Mary Chapman Court has both a bath and a cooker! We’ve got luxury facilities over here! But honestly, I love that oven so much – I don’t know how I’d cope with just a combi-oven on campus.

* These flats are a lot roomier than any on campus. Our bedrooms are larger, our kitchens have an attached dining room area. We have space and it’s amazing! Whenever I’ve visited flats on campus the first thing that I have noticed is how much smaller everything feels.

(photo courtesy of: UEA Accommodation Facebook Page)

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