Hidden Norwich: House Cafe

by Alyssa Ollivier Tabukashvili


Half an hour early for the Ligature exhibition at St Margaret’s Church, we found ourselves opposite a cute little café called ‘House’. Although this was essentially in the city, it would not be considered a location familiar to most first years, and so its discovery is certainly worth mentioning.

As you might expect, House Café has a homely feel to it; as well as dining room-style tables to sit at, they have placed a sofa set and low coffee table for those seeking utter serenity. The décor also adheres to this style with fairy lights and a bookcase, potentially making it a cosy place to read and study.

They serve a great number of teas, made from loose-leaf, presented in a teapot for you to pour at your pleasure. I tried their liquorice root tea, as I have worked in tea and coffee for two years, and enjoy comparing the flavours to those where I worked. Many are put-off by liquorice tea because they believe it will taste like liquorice, which is commonly disliked. However, the tea definitely suited my expectations, which were similar to a liquorice and mint combination I’ve tasted many times.

House Café also offers generous slices of homemade cake; whilst the price is close to (or slightly higher than) Starbucks/Costa prices, there is no doubt that you get more from this one, and with the luxury of being homemade.

The staff were incredibly friendly and warm to us, and what almost concluded the homeliness to House Café was the family-business end to it: when enquiring about ingredients, the waitress addressed her mother.

I would undoubtedly return to this café, maybe call it a ‘date spot’, provided I was in the general area.

You can find them on their site: housecafe52.co.uk

And on social media:

Facebook: House Cafe

Instagram: housecafenorwich

Twitter: housecafe52

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