Pride, Prejudice and Zombies – Did it Have Bite?

By Emily Vause

Although I had wanted to see this film for a long time I did not have high hopes that it would go on to become a cinematic masterpiece. I went out seeking a good laugh and maybe a bit of a scare and in these respects it succeeded. After reading, and loving, Pride and Prejudice I was interested in what a few Zombies could add to the mix. What they did do is turn the Bennet girls into tough, feminist role models with Elizabeth’s main concern about marrying being giving up her knives.

If you have read Pride and Prejudice this film is an absolutely hilarious watch but even if you haven’t, the humour is not restricted to inside jokes for those who have read the book. Though there are a few, the humour in the film is genuine and had the entire cinema in hysterics. One character in particular had everyone in tears. There was not one scene that Mr Collins, played by UEA’s own Matt Smith, was in that did not make the cinema roar with laughter. If there is anything you watch the film for let it be his atrocious character and amazing acting.

Of course the sexual tension between Elizabeth and Darcy is just as clear in the film as it was to perceptive readers of the book. One scene in particular, I won’t say which but some may guess, had me in hysterics. It will not disappoint.

There are a few scary bits I warn, not so much for content but for loud bangs and jump scares that absolutely succeeded in their aim. That is not a deterrence from seeing the film however, in a way the horror adds to the humour in a great way.

I know there are a few Pride and Prejudice lovers out there who probably think the film just looks trashy, and I thought that when I heard about the book, but we are both wrong. Pride, Prejudice and Zombies is one of the funniest films I have seen this year and everyone needs the experience of Darcy angrily beheading trees in their lives.

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