Amnesty International Protest in The Hive

by Natalie Froome


If you happened to wander through the Hive yesterday, you will probably have seen the UEA Amnesty International society and their hard-hitting protest installation. The stall was designed to raise awareness about human rights abuses, and caught people’s attention by having Amnesty Soc member Josh in a cage surrounded by silhouettes representing the 91 prisoners still in Guantanamo bay.

One of our editors had a chat to Amnesty members Susanna and Faizal about their campaign. They explained that Obama had pledged to close the infamous camp 7 years ago, and yet still has not fulfilled that promise. With the upcoming US election, attention has moved away from the torture and human rights abuses that went on at the camp and the remaining prisoners have been forgotten. 779 prisoners had been taken there during it’s 14 years of operation and only 8 had ever been charged with a crime.  While raising awareness, at the stall the society were also promoting a petition asking the US government to keep to their word and close the camp.

You can find the petition at

The Amnesty International society are planning more petitions and a viral video later in the year. To keep up with their work, check out their facebook page: Amnesty International UEA.

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