Three Ways To Wear… A Denim Shirt

by Elizabeth Wigley

Every student needs a small number of staple items in their wardrobe. As basic garments, they can be easily adapted to wear with multiple outfits, making them essential wardrobe pieces.

This article focuses on the classic denim shirt. The great thing about denim is the numerous shades it can come in, and then you’ve got texture to consider. If this is a new garment you’re trying out, keep it simple with a plain texture in a light shade, as this provides more options outfit-wise.

With jeans

Don’t be afraid to do double denim if you’re pairing a shirt with black jeans, especially if the shirt is of a light tone. Match this with a grey or white t-shirt and you’re good to go. Feel free to go for a striped top to add an extra element, and what’s so easy about this look is that it can be dressed up or down with the right shoes and accessories.

As an under-layer

Although we’re talking about a shirt here, don’t be restricted to wearing it as outerwear. Here I have teamed it with some black denim short dungarees, to make an everyday look that little bit smarter. Some black heeled boots have completed the look, but combat boots or slip on plimsolls will also do the trick.

With a skirt

Matching differently-toned garments can enhance your look, just like this tan skirt. What’s more, the suede texture of the A-line skirt can bring out the details of the garments, taking away any appearance of looking dull and flat. Rolling the sleeves up on the shirt can really change the look, causing the outfit to look less conservative.

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