The Music That Made Me

By Frances Butler

I think we often underestimate the power of music.

We all too rarely consider music as something that surrounds us, defines moments in our lives and is the life of so many. On that note, I decided to revisit a band I haven’t had a good listen to for about 2 years: Black Veil Brides. The name alone is enough to gain an exclamation of happiness, disgust or puzzled indifference – depending on whether you know who they are, and then, of course, whether you hate them or not. They are a band that have successfully managed to polarise the majority of alternative music fans; mostly due to their appearance, oddly enough, and not what actually matters – the music itself.

It’s only when I chose to come back to this band to see where they are now, that I realised, a good five years since I first listened to them, how much I appreciate the inspiration and strength their music not only gave me, but still continues to give to many others.

I remember being frequently made fun of for my music taste, especially when I mentioned this band. As insecure as I sometimes felt, I learned to care a lot less about what other people thought and trust myself a lot more.

They’ve made the journey all bands and artists strive for – from a small local following, not being taken seriously (for their image; dismissed as ‘posers’ and Motley Crüe or KISS rip-offs) and a debut album that was relatively unheard of, to having recognition by major labels (Universal), 4 albums and thousands of fans.

How did they do it?

By believing in themselves, having ambition, and quite frankly not caring one bit about any negative opinions of them.

I’ll remember them for being the particular band that, even though I don’t choose to listen to them anymore, are still capable of stirring up memories of gaining a sense of identity, self-belief, and proving your doubters wrong – and that is something everyone can relate to.

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