Coffee – Where Can You Get it? City Edition

By Lewis Martin

In the previous article I mentioned what UEA has to offer in terms of coffee on campus. In this follow up article I’ll explain what there is to offer in the city.


Norwich is a large sprawling city that is beautiful to just wander around. Located at different points across the city are numerous local, independent coffee shops that, in my opinion, offer some of the best coffee you’ll ever have. The three places that I will point out are Kofra, Strangers and the Jarrold Bookshop.



Located just outside the city centre by St John’s Cathedral you have the best place for coffee that you will ever find. Kofra is small but don’t let that out you off. The coffee is smooth and instantly drinkable. If you want sugar they will add it for you whilst its being made to make sure it’s well mixed. The people in there are always smiling and as a place it couldn’t be more welcoming. Priced from £1.80 – £2.30 for a hot coffee (more expensive for their iced coffee) it is reasonably priced and is totally worth the walk in or out of town just for it.



Located in the lanes that run behind the Jarrold Store and through Norwich’s city centre is Strangers Cafe. Available in three places, you have the café near Grovesnor Fish Bar and the Belgian Monk Pub which is small but very welcoming. Once inside you’ll see the range of coffee they sell as well as the open bar they have whilst you wait for your drink. Located 2 minutes away from this is the takeaway bar. Only open for a few days per week, this is where you can go to grab a coffee in a hurry or if you plan to go and sit in one of the many areas available in this fine city. The final place is Gonzo’s. A nightclub in the evenings, but they do have food and drink during the day and the coffee on offer is that from Strangers. With three different places across the city available for people to buy their coffee, Strangers is the most well-known of the city and worth a visit if you find yourself needing a caffeine hit.


Jarrolds Bookshop Cafe (Chapters)

Situated in the basement of Jarrolds department store is the Chapters coffee bar. Small and hidden away but beautifully decorated with book cover wallpaper to die for, the coffee bar is a brilliant place to hide yourself away from the hustle and bustle of the city whilst taking a break or looking to hide from the rain. Surrounded by the bookshop you may even find yourself a new read before you have your cuppa. It’s quiet, slightly under used but still a very nice place to go and situated under one of the most well-known places in the city so it is nice and easy to find. It is pricier than the other two aforementioned places so would maybe be the ideal date location for a fellow bookworm.


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