An Odd-Looking Rabbit Causes a Stir

by Natalie Froome

The UEA Rabbits are fairly innocuous once you get used to them, small, brown creatures with puffy white tails who sit and eat grass and mind their own business. However one rabbit has been causing quite a stir on campus the past few days and has found it’s furry face all over the university Yik Yak feed.

The science-inclined editors on the team have informed me that it’s unusual appearance is due to a mutation that causes it to develop extra melanin. It’s like a reverse-albino rabbit.

Unfortunately, this little chap doesn’t just have to worry about looking a bit different from the rest of the rabbits. He also looks like he has developed myxomatosis, a usually fatal infection that causes the mucus membranes around the eyes to swell and puss.

The black rabbit was around a lot yesterday, but hasn’t made an appearance on campus today. Although Myxi is a nasty disease, all of us at The Broad are hoping that he manages to make a recovery.

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