Wallet Friendly Food

By Alex Stapleton

It’s now second semester, and I’m sure that everyone has experienced the nightmare of trying to budget without their student loan or without planning.

Fortunately, you can still feed yourselves fairly well on a meagre budget, and the following tips should help you to keep on track of your funds and your hunger:

  1. Create a food planner – A food planner is essentially a menu, which lays out the meals and ingredients that you will be having for the week. You can create a shopping list from this too, so you don’t end up going to the supermarket unprepared and splashing out on as much food as you can carry. What’s more, making a list of what you plan to allows you to keep track of what you are eating (and how healthy you are being – let’s face it, many of us need as much help as we can get when it comes to having a balanced diet).
  1. Use the freezer! – Check to see what parts of your shopping you can freeze. Vegetables and meats usually have a short shelf life, so freezing them means that you can use them at a later date (just be sure to defrost the entire thing!) and you won’t need to throw out as much either when the sell-by date passes.
  1. Get a recipe book – Recipe books give you variety in your diet (pasta every day gets boring after a while) and it also gives you a chance to try out cooking new things, most of them on the cheap – you might even find something you like! I recommend the Nosh series of student cookbooks.
  1. Cook with your friends – Organise a night where you and your friends cook together! Sharing the bill and workload will make the night easier, more fun and cheaper for everyone.

Follow these tips and who knows – maybe you can still afford your bi-weekly Dominos!

Here’s some cheap meals that you can whip together pretty quickly!

– Chilli Con Carne

– Sweet and Sour Chicken

– Macaroni Cheese

– Sausage and Mash

Image from: http://www.freephotosbank.com/3613.html

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