Give Women’s Rugby a Try!

by Alyssa Ollivier-Tabukashvili

September 2015, I followed my friend to the sports’ soc fair with acquiescence, keeping to my general motto of “gym yes, sports no”.

But in the spur of a moment I decided to sign up to women’s rugby.

Rugby: a sport I had never played, watched, or even talked about. Four months later, I am hooked and I have never enjoyed a sport as much as I do now.

So here are just a few reasons why joining the Wolfpack could be the greatest decision of your life:

– You learn to be part of a team. Team sports scared me because I always felt that I would make mistakes and let the team down, possibly leading to absolute humiliation. This is not the case, and UEAWRUFC makes room for mistakes, because mistakes are an opportunity to learn, and learning is what it’s all about. The girls here are incredibly supportive which leads me to…

…You find a family. This is a family like no other: we train, win and lose together, dance together and cuddle plenty. We are supportive of each other on the pitch and off it. What’s more, rugby is a contact sport, so you will get very comfortable very quickly with one another.

– You become a leader. Our wonderful coach, encourages us to learn from and teach one another, taking responsibility for a certain goal. This gives individuals confidence within the sport itself too. On the pitch as well: communication is a big factor in rugby and you learn to take charge of a situation.

– You challenge yourself. Mentally and physically.

– You gain immense confidence. Rugby gives you confidence, and this is partly due to challenging yourself. You gain self-confidence, confidence to work with others, confidence to take on new trials and to make sacrifices.

Rugby is both respectful and inclusive. Respect for your team, for the opposition and the ref. What skills or strength you lack in one area, you may fulfil in another. There are so many tasks to carry out, you cannot be useless in the game.

There are so many more reasons to join the rugby team at UEA, reasons that could apply to any sport and reasons that are unique to rugby. I surprised myself becoming so passionate about it, you might surprise yourself too.

Training is on Mondays and Fridays 5-7pm at Colney Lane. Find our Facebook page and come to a training session, play a match, and become one with the Wolfpack.

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