Coffee – Where Can You Get it? Campus Edition

By Lewis Martin

Coffee. It’s an essential part of a student’s diet, right up there with at least one decent meal a day a certain amount of alcohol each week. The question that always surrounds this tough is where is the best place to get coffee?


At UEA and in Norwich there are numerous places where you can get a decent coffee for a decent price and this article will explain the best places to get one both on and off campus. Across two articles I will tell you of the splendid delights of UEA and then what the city has to offer.


On Campus

There are 4 places to pick up a good coffee on campus, each carrying a different atmosphere and area for you to enjoy. There Scholars, UNIO, Ziggis and the Sainsburys Art Centre



Located upstairs in Union House Scholars is my personal favourite place for coffee on campus. Although aimed at the postgrad students the atmosphere is one of a relaxed place where you can sit back and relax in a comfy arm chair whilst drinking what is a relatively smooth coffee and chat with friends. It also offers meal deal with a fresh Baguette, Crisps and a Coffee for around 3.80 which isn’t bad for a bite to eat in-between lectures and seminars. Coffee itself is around the £1.80 which makes it one of the cheapest places on campus.



Located in the middle of the Union House underneath Scholar everything is all go here. Not only will you have everything that is going on for the day in union house you also have a nice convenient place to meet people for a coffee, although finding a seat will be a challenge during the middle of the day. ranging from £1.30 to 2.80 for a coffee or tea the price is most expensive than scholars but you do have a barista making fresh coffee from beans that have been cut whilst you wait giving you the full coffee shop experience.



Ziggis is the full coffee shop experience on campus. It’s the closest you’ll get to a Starbucks on campus. Stylish inside with its sofas and chairs it is relaxed. The coffee is a bit more expensive in here as it is run by an outside company but they do offer a range of beans to choose from so if you prefer something different to your usual coffee and have a bit of spare change it is a nice alternative to the usual Student Union run coffee shops. Busy during lunch it is often quiet between bulk of lecture time but it does close before both UNIO and Scholars so if you plan to visit time it well.


Sainsburys Visual Art Centre

Located at the back of the art centre is one of the most well-hidden secrets to students on campus. This cafe is pricier than the two mentioned but with it overlooking towards part of the green land that surrounds campus and also being the location where the end of the last Avengers film was shot it is completely different from anywhere on campus. It’s the ideal place to go and switch off whilst taking in the scenery and even do a bit of writing if you so wish and, if you’re lucky, you might even have a sighting of Cloud Dog.


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