The Greatest Showman Review

By Ellie Robson.

Michael Gracey’s debut film The Greatest Showman was advertised as the big Christmas family film of the year; a big, bright musical extravaganza which told the ultimate rags-to-riches narrative. This is certainly a promise that it has delivered, which is shown by the dominance of the film at the box office, with many members of the audience returning for a second viewing. As I write this, The Greatest Showman soundtrack is holding the No. 1 spot on the iTunes albums charts, ahead of Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran, with Keala Settle’s outstanding performance of single “This Is Me” at No. 7 in the songs chart. Continue reading The Greatest Showman Review

Emotional Abuse – My Experience

By Anonymous

TW: Emotional Abuse

They say to write about what you know. So, it’s unfortunate that I am able to speak about the following.

I am a victim of emotional abuse. I was in a long-term relationship with my childhood sweetheart. You don’t notice the signs at first, and if you do, you see them as endearing – you tell yourself that they’re just being protective. You tell yourself that of course they’re right, you’re being silly to question them.

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Photography Spotlight – Rachel Glaves

By Rachel Glaves

Photography has been a keen interest of mine for the last five years. It is something which has slowly developed from a hobby to something I am very passionate about. Watching my dad, when I was younger, taking photographs with his old Nikon film camera inspired me and motivated me to take it up myself.


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Star Trek: Discovery, Season 1, Part 1 Review

By Luke Farnish

Star Trek, the optimistic space-western featuring Captain Kirk and co. aired more than fifty years ago and various iterations of the show have graced the silver screen ever since, with a hiatus in the 1970s and early 1980s. However, with the last episode of the adventure to the final frontier airing in 2005, an entire generation of fans have been devoid of new Trek. So, when in November 2015 CBS announced a new series, fans were understandably excited.

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Dodie Clark: Waterfront Gig Review

By Ellie Robson

Dorothy “Dodie” Clark, commonly known by her online username “doddleoddle,” took to the stage at Norwich venue ‘The Waterfront’ on October 29th for the penultimate show of her current tour. The tour celebrated the release of her highly anticipated second EP “You” on August 11th, which followed her 2016 debut EP, “Intertwined”. Prior to the release of her EPs, Dodie released her music on her YouTube channel, which recently hit 1,000,000 subscribers. She continues to post original content on the website, with professional recordings of 12 of these songs spread across her two EPs.

Unsurprisingly, due to her large online following, the tickets for the “You” tour sold out within minutes of their release this summer and this was reflected in the huge crowd gathered before the Waterfront doors had even opened. An astonishing sense of community built up among the waiting fans, with many people, including myself, meeting those they were attending the gig with for the first time that evening. Regardless even of the performance of the acts that evening, this managed to create a powerful and welcoming atmosphere before anyone even entered the venue, a wonderful thing for any artist to achieve.

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The Broad’s Society Spotlight’s are regular articles highlighting the societies of UEA – open to any and every club and society at the university. If you want your club or society spotlighted just send us a quick message and we’ll give you all the information you need!

By Scott Stockdale

UEA Blogging Society is an all-inclusive society which helps members create content and share it in the bloggersphere for other like-minded folks to enjoy. Established in 2016, we place emphasis on creating a friendly environment for members to enjoy the process of writing, whilst also developing a supportive network to help give feedback on posts.  Continue reading SOCIETY SPOTLIGHT: UEA BLOGGING SOCIETY

Diabetes – One Year On

By Elizabeth Wigley

A year can go by quickly, especially when you’ve got a lot going on. When I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes just over a year ago, I thought it would be at the forefront of my life, replacing my interests and any opportunities that came my way.

I was wrong. Now, diabetes is in the back of my mind, simply part of my everyday routine. I didn’t think this would happen so quickly, as I expected it would take me a few years to properly settle into this new and daunting lifestyle. Continue reading Diabetes – One Year On

Society Spotlight: Headlights Comedy Society

The Broad’s Society Spotlights are regular articles highlighting the societies of UEA – open to any and every club and society at the university. If you want your club or society spotlighted just send us a quick message and we’ll give you all the information you need!

Headlights Comedy Society is UEA’s dedicated comedy troupe. We’ve been active for a number of years now and, in that time, we have put on dozens of performances both on campus and across Norwich, showcasing the talent of our members and hopefully making people laugh by being funny, rather than rubbish.

We give people a platform to practice their stand-up comedy routines, allowing budding young performers to show off their work to an audience and hone their skills that might one day take them to the Apollo. Or at least the Norwich Arts Centre.

If stand-up isn’t your thing, then Headlights also hosts weekly writer’s meetings every Wednesday (5-7pm) to our members the chance to bring forward their scripts and ideas for comedy sketches. If we think a sketch is good, then it will be performed in one of big shows (one at Christmas and one at Easter) and some have even been filmed and are able to view on YouTube.

A Headlights sketch is like a box of chocolates; you never know what you’re going to get and some are nuttier than others. Why, just last semester, we put on a show with sketches about a support group for conspiracy theorists, a social revolution involving characters from Thomas The Tank Engine and a very, very literal take on the phrase “period drama”.

If all of that isn’t enough for you, then Headlights is also home to an extremely talented improv group that has performed improvised comedy all around Norwich, from the Hive to Gringo’s bar on Prince of Wales Road.

If you fancied giving improv a go, then why not come along to our weekly Improv sessions on Fridays (7-9pm) in the Julian Study Centre (room subject to change) and try it for yourself. Who knows, maybe you could be the next big thing in Headlights? Or you could embarrass yourself, but hey, that’d still be funny and we’re all about being funny. Headlights is a great place to come and meet fellow performers and lovers of comedy. We always put the emphasis on enjoying ourselves, because we feel that, if we’re having fun, then the audience is having fun.

If this sounds like something you want to be a part of, find us on Facebook (search “UEA Headlights Comedy Society”) or head straight to and sign up to become a member. Trust me, it’ll be the best thing you do today. Unless you win the lottery. We can’t compete with that.

Image from Headlights Facebook Page.

Sofie Hagen: Dead Baby Frog Gig Review

By Ellie Robson

On 26th October, rising Danish comedian Sofie Hagen took the stage in a sold out show at Norwich Arts Centre. Although only a small venue, seating 120 audience members at full capacity, both Hagen and her support act, Jenny Bede, could easily have commanded and engaged a much larger venue. Continue reading Sofie Hagen: Dead Baby Frog Gig Review

Creepy Animated Movies To Watch This Halloween

By Ellie Robson

For me, and many people, animated movies are a huge part of our annual Halloween experience. Although animated movies are often synonymous with children’s movies, there are plenty that have a darker, eerie tone which are perfect for all ages at Halloween. So, here are my top 4 animated movies with a creepier edge. Hopefully there’s something for everyone to enjoy!

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